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Becoming our best selves where it matters most— our families, organizations, and community.

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Email us or give us a call! There is always plenty to do in making our community a better place and bettering ourselves while we are at it.



We hope to bridge members of this community together through the sharing of stories, and lasting change.


Tools such as those outlined in Aribinger’s “Leadership and Self-Deception” and their idea of Outward Mindset are a fundamental part of the change we hope to instill in our community.



By telling our stories, we are able to encourage those around us in their areas of need. We want to empower you to tell your story through CornerPeace.

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CornerPeace is an organization that provides a space and stories for us to see each other as people and make needed changes to the conflicts that plague our lives.  Through educational workshops, coaching, mediation, facilitation, and other peacebuilding efforts, CornerPeace is foundational to building community.

Self Awareness

In order to bring positive change to those around us, we must first look to ourselves.

Are we being the best people we can be?

Mindset Change

Whether we are young or old, a parent or professional, or in any relationship, CornerPeace can provide the forum and understanding to become the people that others need us to be.

Greater Impact

We can be better. In so doing, others will change and our community will transform. We will become a corner piece for our families, organizations and community

People Trained

Classes / Workshops


It’s Up to You

Lives Changed


“The Outward Mindset Work, is the most important work we can do…”

-Christy Perry, Superintendent at Salem-Keizer Public Schools


Peter Harris

County Manager, Ticor Title

“I was first interested in Outward Mindset Training because I thought it would help my organization, and it will, but now I see why our community needs this.”

Steve Spencer

Principal, Dallas Public School District

“I could no longer excuse myself from the pattern of justification and being Inward, that I found were common in my
daily interactions with colleagues at work and within my family.”

Danielle Bethell,

Executive Director, Keizer Chamber of Commerce

“I now have powerful examples of success in business and personal relationships since attending a workshop.”

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