Through a collaborative and collective desire by some of our communities’ influencers, CornerPeace was inspired. Many leaders in the community including leaders from the school systems, local and state government, for profit organizations, and non-profits all experienced Arbinger’s concepts together. They soon after realized that not only could they and their individual organizations benefit from it, but also their entire community. So, they did something never before done, they brought the content to the community. This can only be done through a very special relationship with Arbinger that you won’t get anywhere else.

Our Purpose

CornerPeace is an organization that provides stories and a place for us to see each other as people and make needed changes to the conflicts that plague our lives.  Through educational workshops, coaching, mediation, facilitation, and other peacebuilding efforts, CornerPeace is foundational to building community.  Whether young or old, a parent or professional, or in any relationship, CornerPeace can provide the stories and understanding to become the people that others need us to be.  We can be better.  In so doing, others will change and our community will transform.  We will become a corner piece for our families, organizations and community.

Our Work

CornerPeace was also inspired to bring the community together and help people of all backgrounds transform.  Much of that is done through conflict resolution and transformative approaches to challenges, opportunities, and relationships.  With that part of CornerPeace is an extensive approach to conflict, whether in families or organizations.  CornerPeace’s approach will result in us building stronger relationships and transforming in a way that helps us become the people others need us to be.

Get Involved & Learn More

There is always plenty to do in making our community a better place and bettering ourselves while we are at it.