Mountain West Investments

As they say, “Our business is real estate development. Our passion is changing lives.” This is the fundamental core of Mountain West. When they first connected with The Arbinger Institute, they expressed a desire to change the entire Salem-Keizer community through the spread of those tools. The prospect may have seemed overly ambitious, but MWIC does not shy away from a challenge. The impact this organization has on its surroundings is impeccable. We are pleased to partner with MWIC to bring CornerPeace to fruition and better our community.

The Arbinger Institute

Through our partnership with The Arbinger Institute, a global training and consulting company, we are able to introduce the concepts surrounding Arbinger’s “Outward Mindset” at a grassroots level.  We offer a variety of training through the Arbinger Institute for both organizations and families.  The main part that CornerPeace has in that, aside from introducing Arbinger principles and connecting people directly to Arbinger, is our forums and stories.  Through accessing those, you access a group of hundreds of others in your community living and utilizing the very same principles.