We know that telling your story is not always easy. Sometimes you don’t even know what your story is, let alone how to communicate it. Our hope is that we can help you identify and tell your story because we know the benefits of doing so.

What it does for us


  • How to relate to others
  • How to express ourselves positively
  • How to solve areas of conflict



  • We can learn how we have made things more difficult
  • Get out of our comfort zone
  • Become a better parent, coworker, boss, child, friend


    What it does for others


    • They are not alone
    • That they can change
    • They can relate to you
    • They’re supported
    • That they need to change



    • Them to share their story
    • A new approach to relationships
    • Better communication
    • If we can change, then our families, organizations and community can too